Tuesday, 9 June 2009

I've Been Away Too Long


been far too long, grabbing some time at my flatmate's computer to squeeze out a quick bit of write-o. My computer died died died and until I get a new one sorted, it's unfortunately going to be a bit sporadic. Unless someone can recommend a good (and preferably free or cheap) blogging app for iPhone.

aside from enjoying the latest Paper Jam Comics anthology launch ROBOTS... AND THAT at the excellent Star and Shadow cinema on May 29th (you can read all about it and see all the pictures here, I'm the goon in the Charlie Brown shirt who seems to do nothing but POINT), I have been mainly doing little. Comics and TV wise I've been digging:

  • Morrison and Quitely's Batman and Robin (you might have spied a picture of this at the top. It narrowly won out over the picture of Batman and Robin kissing that was the first image Google brought up until I put 'Morrison' into the search field. I don't remember that issue.)
  • Mulholland Drive, which Jack turned me onto finally. I'm a real Lynch-denier, think he coasts along on his own reputation these days. But I am obviously blind, because MD was amazing, I really liked Twin Peaks and The Elephant Man anyway, and got drunk to Blue Velvet on Saturday.
  • Made for the Sci-Fi Channel movies. First got into these after they were utilised on THE SOUP, but simple funny clips cannot do justice to these mighty treasures of cinema! MOSQUITO MAN, LOST TREASURE OF THE GRAND CANYON (where Brenda from BH90210 gets an arrow through her and mopes around like a twat for what seems like days) and CERBERUS are right up there.

My favourite has to be a repeated TV movie from 1995 DEADLY INVASION: THE KILLER BEE NIGHTMARE. Starring AIRPLANE!'s Robert Hayes, it's just full of greatness. Nothing can beat the teenage couple making out by a billboard who don't notice they're covered in BEES. Or the BEES exacting a deadly revenge on the innocent townsfolk. Or, best of all, the wisened old farmer who leans on a fence, gazing out across the plains, only to remark in his low gravelly tones: "The bees... They are angry...". I love Killer Bee films. The Swarm with Michael Caine is brilliant (features some innovative Bees Eye View camera work), and it's caused me to give far too much credit to the awful Nic Cage starring remake of The Wicker Man, because it has BEES in it.

It's only a matter of time before I need to watch Shatner's masterpiece KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS again. I will be thinking about bees while watching it though.

And wanking.

Sorry, tangent. Not the best entry, but I blame this Mac keyboard. It's like using a lacquered ZX Spectrum, only someone's inflated my hands as a kind of test. Ergonomic my balls.



Gary said...

There no official blogger app, as yet, which would be ideal for mobile blogging on the iPhone, but there's two other options.

Try ShoZu, it basically allows you to upload stuff to various photosharing and social network sites, one of which is blogger.

Or, set up the mobile blogging thing on your blogger dashboard. It gives you an email address that you send text to. it then goes on the blog.

I've downloaded/set up both, but tried out neither so far.

CJ said...

I agree, killer bees are on my top ten list of awesome protagonists.

From bees to ants, if you love a bit of ham check out god-of-ham Charlton Heston in 'Naked Jungle'; a film about killer ants with a title that surely dissapointed many a drunken movie rent.