Thursday, 19 February 2009



Didn't realise it'd been a month, but hey, it's not as if, er, it matters?

I've been itching to talk about the absurd mess that is Lexi Alexander's PUNISHER WAR ZONE. But I got home and found TRUE IDENTITY featuring a real American actor with an American accent and everything on TV so... Hang on! Why, that's our own Lenny Henry! In his ill-fated attempt at transatlantic stardom from the past!

The best thing I can say is that Lenny Lenny Len's hairline is phenomenal throughout. Really. it's like a boiled egg with cress growing out of it.

"I'm in my apartment practising my Shakespeare, when suddenly the Terminator arrives and there's bullets flying and shit!"

So, the plot is:

Lenny Henry (Miles Pope) Miles Pope (Lenny Henry) finds out that the man he is next to is a mob murderer or something when his plane nearly crashes . So, his friend (back home in New York City, U S of States because he is from America) who can do this kind of thing, puts a bunch of make-up and prosthetics on him and makes him into Jamie Oliver. Because this way the men who would like to kill him for knowing that the man on the plane has killed some men will not be able to find him, because they are looking for Lenny Henry. Who is a man that, you know, no-one in the whole of America would ever recognise anyway.

I'm not sure whether it's the slight air of offensiveness or the fact that it's almost preposterously unfunny that makes this film an absolute gem. It's said that this was the first in a three film deal with Disney to make a star of Len in that America. And that said deal was withdrawn after they made a film that not even Dawn French would pay to see.

ALL HE DOES IS DO 'BIG EYES' AND LOOK NERVOUS! That old bit where he impersonates Steve Martin is literally 100 times funnier than this entire film. I can't find it on YouTube unfortunately, but it's really good. To my memory anyway.

Look, there's not much more I can say. The few jokes that are not about Lenny Henry looking like Jamie Oliver are about Lenny Henry using a British accent and being black. When pretending to be American. Which must have just killed his soul to perform. Poor bastard. Surely in NINETEEN NINETY ONE people had come to terms with, you know, British people who were also black.

It is funny when he is pretending to be James Brown though. And when the taxi driver says 'Great Google Moogle!'

PUNISHER WAR ZONE another time, when I can channel the ire better.

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Ian Mayor said...

Sounds, in many ways, like your ideal film.

in other news, add pitctures to blog. Blog like pictures.