Thursday, 15 January 2009

I Kill Giants

Happy mid-January!

I was originally going to type something about "Churchill: The Hollywood Years". But then I watched it and it was like watching a beloved relative wailing and slicing off their fingers. Like a black hole of funny. Awful awful film.

So instead I finished reading the best comic of 2007/08 and sat awestruck for a little while.

I Kill Giants is from Image comics, it's by Joe Kelly and JM Ken Niimura and it's the story of an outsider girl, Barbara, who's having trouble at home and school. She's also preparing for the oncoming attack of a terrifying monster whose coming prophecies the end of all things. Read the first issue for FREE AN SHIT! here:

It's just brilliant. Perfectly paced, hilarious and moving at the same time. And Niimura's art is incredible. I've tried finding out more about him, but it just seems to be all zine work and spot illustrations, anthology pieces. At first you might not delve into the art too deeply, as it's very nice and quick and energetic, and serves the frantic pace of the story very well. However, taking a closer look brings out so much detail that wasn't immediately apparent and each character and situation is amazingly well realised. I'd gush more, but I have trouble talking about art without just saying "Yeah, it looks WELL good". Black and white too, he grins.

The story is a clever one, which you're always second guessing. Everyone's seen a film or read a book in which Young Character X Escapes Into Their Rich Fantasy Life To Avoid Real Life Horrors. Well, this is of a similar vein but the way Kelly structures it has you guessing all the way. It's difficult to say much more without revealing too much plot, but you know those stories that promise a lot only to let you down at the end? Not one of them. Such a great piece of work, it really deserves to be held up as a classic example of accessible comics that don't dumb down to reach a wider audience. Mind you, though I imagine it sold very well as a creator owned Image book, it's a goddamn tragedy that more people haven't read it yet.

Until it comes out as a collected book anyways! Joe Kelly, thanks for a brilliant read.

And thanks to Churchill: The Hollywood Years for starting this all off, in it's own backwards abortion-of-a-movie way.

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